Five reasons why your enterprise should choose GrowthCafe

Learning Management Systems or LMSs have been around for more than two decades now. In this time, they have become more than just learning tools. Today, they have the capability to engage and motivate an organization’s employees. This will enable the organization to attain growth levels never seen before.

Today, LMSs can enable an enterprise to help its employees develop into well-rounded professionals. Moreover, LMSs can serve as internal communication tools. They can also be a gauge to measure employees’ progress with.

GrowthCafe, a highly intuitive and gamified leaning management platform, helps enterprises improve employee engagement and collaboration in many ways.

GrowthCafe sports a clean user interface and focuses on people's growth within the enterprise. GrowthCafe is designed with a simple approach – to make learning fun. To that end, it has certain key features, among many others, which also help enterprises engage their employees effectively. These features highlight one underlying point – why your enterprise should choose GrowthCafe. Don't take our word for it, take a look at these features and decide for yourself.

1. Mobile First

GrowthCafe has been designed with a Mobile First approach. It offers a seamless experience across devices and operating systems allowing users to access it on their smartphone as well as a traditional desktop/laptop PC with ease. Mobile-first allows users to learn on-the-go. This approach also helps enterprises to adopt the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach, and reduces its expenditure on IT infrastructure. The GrowthCafe app, available for Android and iOS devices, allows users to learn, create, and manage courses.

2. Social Learning

People like to discuss new things they learn, and share their activities and achievements with each other. This helps them find solutions to tricky problems-- fostering professional relationships between employees. GrowthCafe offers several features that promote social learning like News Feed, Chats, and Discussion Boards. These features enable GrowthCafe’s use in effective learning experiences. Users find these features easy to use as they do not require a learning curve. Social Learning helps users determine what content is useful, and user-generated content helps the platform provide users with autonomy.

3. Gamification

Making learning fun is one of the core ideas behind GrowthCafe. One crucial way GrowthCafe achieves this is through gamification. Using activities that promote learning and are fun to participate in, the platform makes learning fun for users. Users earn points for each activity and course they undertake and level up with those points. This helps both users and enterprises in tracking their growth, allowing them to better utilize their biggest resource – their employees.

4. Cloud Architecture

GrowthCafe has a cloud-based architecture. This helps it in scaling up for more users as and when they are required to be added. The cloud-based architecture also helps synchronize user data across devices. This enables users to seamlessly switch between devices without affecting their learning experience.

5. Adaptable courses

On GrowthCafe, every course can be customized to suit its users' needs. This customization is not limited to new courses only. Courses that are currently underway can also be modified to ensure users get to learn only the best and the latest on a subject. In the ongoing courses, this modification takes effect for those users who are yet to encounter the part that has been edited (proactive modification).

Maximize 100% of your human capital with GrowthCafe

What enables GrowthCafe to empower people within an enterprise is its ability to combine mobile first, social learning, and gamification aspects. This helps it make learning on-the-go possible, while keeping this experience a fun-filled and engaging exercise. This multi-feature combination of GrowthCafe (built into the platform by design) ensures that it always offers something new to its users.

An enterprise grows when it employees perform at their best. For that, there are few tools better than GrowthCafe.

But, again, don't take our word for it.

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