How Mobile and Social Learning can help improve employee performance and engagement in your enterprise

Learning management systems have been around for some time now. They are filled to the brim with Attributes that enable an enterprise’s employees to learn and collaborate with the ultimate goal to improve organization productivity and output. However, having tools is not the same as knowing how to use them. Here are a few ways that can help any enterprise draw maximum benefit from a learning platform’s mobile and social learning Attributes (GrowthCafe exemplifies the use of these Attributes):

Track User Performance

Knowing how a tool is used is the first step in ensuring it is used right. In the case of a development platform, enterprises should track their users’ performance and engagement metrics. This provides the enterprise insights into information like the most popular courses, users who have cleared the assessments, and regulatory requirements met or avoided.

An professional development platform like GrowthCafe allows coaches to assign courses to students. It allows coaches to see how students are progressing through assigned courses. Its Facebook-like news feed feature allows students to connect with each other and their respective coaches to clarify doubts and share information. As a result, enterprises can keep a track of their employees’ performance via GrowthCafe, which can help them design future courses accordingly. These statistics can also be shared with other employees to motivate or further engage them.

Adapt courses

Performance tracking is one part of the puzzle that is employee engagement and performance improvement. The other part of this puzzle is designing modifiable courses in the development platform. The insights gained from performance tracking can enhance ongoing or future learning. This course adaptability helps strengthen employee engagement and therefore, performance.

With GrowthCafe, coaches can tweak the courses in runtime -- while they are underway. Students who are yet to encounter a modified part of a course progress through the tweaked portion. This helps enterprises in a few critical ways – their employees learn the latest tricks on the fly, course quality can be greatly improved, and enterprises can meet newer regulatory and compliance requirements with ease. Moreover, these changes can be conveyed via chat or news feed, helping spread the message quickly among all involved parties.

Support BYOD

An important part of a learning journey is familiarity with one’s tools. An professional development platform is a means to learn something new, which is accessed via tools like a desktop/laptop PC. Plenty of enterprises are moving away from providing employees with company-issued devices. This can make it difficult for employees to learn new skills using a development platform, unless the platform itself supports various platforms and devices. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach also makes an enterprise’s data vulnerable to threats. A development platform also should be secure for use by an enterprise.

GrowthCafe has a big advantage in this regard. It has been designed with a mobile first approach, which means users can access it on their iOS and Android-based devices with ease. All the Attributes that are available on a desktop/laptop PC are also available on mobile. This makes GrowthCafe highly accessible to users across devices. Moreover, it has been designed like a social media website, which makes it quite easy to use. This double benefit of having an employee use a device of his/her choice with an app that is easy to use helps in motivating an employee to use GrowthCafe and encourage others to do so as well.

Foster inter-personal communication

A professional development platform is the best way to ensure employees communicate with each other. In an office setup, it is not possible for employees to connect with each other effectively. However, multiple employees communicating with each other may make their interaction ineffective. A professional development platform can bypass both these problems.

Through GrowthCafe, employees can learn as well as chat with each other. This helps them share useful information with each other and facilitates effective collaboration. To avoid communication with multiple people at the same time to maintain focus on a topic at hand, GrowthCafe allows two users to chat with each other at a time. This also helps provide a personalized touch to the learning process that enhances user engagement.

Use engagement tricks

A professional development platform makes use of various tricks to ensure high user engagement. Of these tricks, gamification has been one of the most effective ones. By assigning users ranks and helping them rank up by taking up courses, various learning systems keep their users highly engaged and motivated too.

GrowthCafe uses gamification quite effectively to keep its users engaged and motivated. It helps users level up by gaining points and badges for tasks like watching lessons, sharing information with peers, and completing assignments. Since GrowthCafe can be used on mobile devices and traditional PCs, users can complete tasks and gain points on-the-go. They can then benefit from the sharing attributes of the learning platform to share their progress with their peers. This will motivate others to also complete tasks and level up, increasing engagement at the same time.

These are the ways that will help an enterprise draw the maximum benefit from an professional development platform solution. The critical thing for enterprises to consider in choosing an learning system is that it best serves their organizational needs in the most effective ways.

The right learning platform can help them in making their employees more productive by keeping them engaged and motivated. A highly-motivated workforce can help an enterprise reach new heights of success.

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