NotificationsKnow Now!

Notifications is a way through which users are updated with all the relevant information of an organization. If we look at notifications from learning & social prospective some examples are; course completion, assignment of new courses, activity on your post, etc.

GrowthCafe, being a social learning platform comes with several preconfigured notifications (Email & Push notifications), these Notifications can be directed to learners, instructors & Administrators through the Admin console. Application users can further choose to opt-in/out and mode of communication (Push or Email) for specific notifications as per their preference.


GrowthCafe app provide provides both Email & Push notifications to help users to track and engage social learning activities. There is a set of pre-configured notifications comes in GrowthCafe targeted for following areas and can be customized based on client needs :

  • Social activities (Post, Like, comment or Share)
  • Content updates ( Addition of new course, lesson or assignment)
  • Tracking Learning activities (Course completion, Assignment Grading & certification)
  • Announcements
  • Reminders (Reminder for Assignment, ILT course etc)


  • Automatic alerts
  • Foster Engagement
  • Improves communication
  • Helps instructors to stay top on Learning activities