Social PlatformTraining often gives people solutions to problems already solved. Collaboration addresses challenges no one has overcome before. ― Marcia Conner

Social Learning is the most powerful tool in the eLearning industry today that becomes a catalyst for organizational transformation. GrowthCafe provides cutting edge and sophisticated social capabilities integrated into our core platform, using which organizations are able to create sustainable learning communities, providing a whole new dimension to being social.



GrowthCafe social features serve many strategic business functions including: Community development, improve employee engagement, productivity, and on-demand support. Through these social learning features, organizations have an opportunity to create and sustain learning communities around virtually any topic, course or idea.

  • News feed
  • Announcements
  • Share Content
  • Leaderboard
  • Reply or like a post/content threads
  • Chat, Content/File Share
  • User Generated content
  • Question and Answer


  • Increase engagement and participation
  • Social bonding
  • Encourage conversations
  • Autonomy through user generated content
  • Learners decide which content is useful